#SkinTalkAfrica With Creative Music Producer and Poet: Eric Fernandes

No one likes to have dry chalky skin otherwise we as Lheritier Skincare wouldn’t be in business. Men equally have love and adoration for their skin, even though the common stereotype is that our African men -or that men in general are less bothered about the look and feel of their skin. This Man-Alogue segment is a platform and a useful resource for men to draw inspiration from when it comes to maintaining a youthful skin. Also, stay tuned for our all-inclusive product line which will also address skin related issues for men.

We are grateful for the universe to have aligned us with Eric Fernandes als known as Fernandesthepoet. He has written a whole poem on black and natural beauty shared in our new Soul-Jus category.

Tell us more about your poetry and music production career and its eventual realization.

It all started when I was really small. My older brothers were really into rap, which is basically music and poetry and so through this I started writing. I like words and this is also why I am looking forward to launching my blog, ‘Fernandesthepoet’ which will be a mix of written poems, spoken word, film and music. As for music production, I started when I was in high school. I had a friend gave me a software that I used to learn how to make beats and thereafter I got equipment and later on a studio. I am grateful to have worked with great artists like Kerby.

IMG_6596As a poet and music producer, where do you draw your inspiration?

Human emotion. I like seeing certain reactions from people. It’s so amazing when someone reads my poems and feels like it helped them.

For how long have you had dreadlocks?

I have had them for 2 years now but I keep trimming them. I do this to avoid them from getting weak since I do not go to the salon. Before I actually found out more about organic products, I noticed that the edges would get very weak and even break.

Tell us more about your hair journey and how you pamper your dreadlocks

I started out by using bar soap but I stopped. Then I started using shampoo but I found out that most of them are just filled with harmful chemicals (yes I literally stand on the supermarket isles and take time to read ingredients). After that I used olive bar soap which had no chemicals at all but I felt like it kind of blocked my pores. Now I use rosemary water since it makes my hair follicles stronger and opens up the pores.

I also use avocado which acts as a conditioner so one avocado a day keeps you away from the salon!

What is your daily beauty regimen?

I use avocado on my face once in a while and coconut oil as well. Specifically Kentaste since it smells good and I can eat it as well.

IMG_6535Do you have an exercise routine?

I do yoga once in a while. I also skip a lot because I feel like skipping helps me concentrate and it works on my whole body

Where do you see yourself and your brand in the near future?

I see people appreciating my brand as a muse in their lives. I believe if people appreciate your brand then everything else will fall into place.

What advice would you give to fellow Africans about healthy living and the use of organic products?

You cannot win a race if you have not practiced. You cannot reach your goals and objectives if you are not happy with yourself. And I do not think that happiness can be found in consumerism. Beauty products and all that stuff that will not really help you.

People in ancient days never bought cosmetics. They only used herbs and organic products. We have just been programmed to use chemicals, which only do more harm than good.

I believe that healthy living starts from the inside. For instance, your hair portrays what is inside of you. So if your hair is unhealthy that means that you are not healthy from the inside. It is exactly the same for your skin as well.

You cannot heal your skin with chemicals, so it all starts from the inside.

From what you consume. Remember that your skin is the largest and most sensitive organ. Choose to protect and not harm it.


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