Soap doesn’t strip the skin

I really love your soaps. They do not strip my skin at all. If you ever discontinue let me know so hat I can hoard more…. S. Malonza

I glow with your face cream

My skin reacts badly in 15 minutes to face creams. This changed when I used Lheritier’s Neroli Face Cream….M. Kajuma

As a man I am happy with your face cream

I stopped using prescriptions for acne because of Lheritier’s Face Cream Mask. As a man, I am happy….P. Fletcher

My father, a perfume snob loves your eau de parfum

Both of my parents really loved the Lheritier 1789 parfum…they took what I had…and you know my father even though an older governor is a perfume snob…. Z. Nyong’o

Lotion is nicely lightweight

I have used the lotion on myself and on my son and I must say that it is lightweight, easily absorbed and deeply moisturizes the skin….G. Oballa

The leave-in grew my mum’s hair

My mother lost her hair in a bomb blast and for 20 years her hair didn’t grow. We bought her your leave-in conditioner and in 3 weeks her hair grew. Your stuff really works….M. Atieno

The aftershave is good

I have repeatedly purchased the aftershave every couple of weeks T. Blankenship….

The conditioner is one of the best

It has a creamy consistency and when I applied it and was instantly absorbed in my hair with no white residue left, it melted into my strands. I was instantly impressed because it even helped with managing tangles…. @mykenyanpuff

As a lady, I am in love with the perfume

This is simply the best perfume I have ever used. As a lady, it sits well with me. P. Cally….

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