How To Get Flawless, Glowing Legs For Summer

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It’s bare-leg season. Get a leg up and prep your legs for full exposure with these simple steps.

Add some shimmer
You know how when you find the perfect highlighter you just want to bathe in it? You can achieve the look of a healthy glimmering glow all over with Kani Botanicals Moon Milk, a shimmer jasmine body oil. You can apply this glowing potion all over, but sweep it on your legs and you’ll instantly give off beach goddess vibes. Not only does Moon Milk give you a head-to-toe glow, it also moisturizes your whole body, making your whole body gorgeous and hydrated.

Don’t be afraid of aftershave

If you thought aftershave was just for men—you thought wrong. To get smooth summer skin, look no further than Lheritier’s 10-20 Chamomile Calm Aftershave. It’s filled with antiseptic ingredients designed to heal and prevent the formation of any razor bumps or ingrown hairs. The soothing aftershave is infused with ingredients like green tea and geranium to fight blemishes and dark spots that can come with shaving. Chamomile calms the inflamed skin while coconut gently moisturizes. Apply 10-20 as a moisturizer after shaving and you’ll never have razor burn again. Click here to enjoy a coupon from Lheritier:

Treat your legs to a whipped body lotion

Mocha Whip’s Shea Body Whippies are incredibly soft, lavish, and intensely moisturizing. Created with ivory shea butter and essential oils, the tripe whipped cream glides onto the skin like a dream.

Get a healthy tan – sans sun
You can get a healthy, glowy tan without ever stepping foot on a beach. Aussie Bronze is a vegan, plant-based, and 100% natural and toxin-free tinted moisturizer that gives you an instant perfect tan. It promises a safe and natural tan that will transform your skin from dull and pale to a gorgeous bronze – no orange in sight. The no-fuss tanner gives you instant results, and washes off in your next shower. Say goodbye to sun damaged skin and streaky spray tans – Aussie Bronze is a bottle full of sun goddess glow that you can rock all year long.

Scrub away any flaws

The key to flawless, smooth legs is exfoliation. Borbón’s N° 02 Invigorating Polish is a luxurious coffee scrub that transforms the way your entire body looks. It uses enhanced purifying and soothing botanicals to extract any impurities that are clogging your pores. The brand’s unique coffee blend polishes your entire body, leaving your skin smooth, silky, and glowing all over.

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