Monthly Archives: June 2017

#SkinTalkAfrica With Creative Music Producer and Poet: Eric Fernandes

No one likes to have dry chalky skin otherwise we as Lheritier Skincare wouldn’t be in business. Men equally have love and adoration for their skin, even though the common stereotype is that our African men -or that men in general are less bothered about the look and feel of their skin. This Man-Alogue segment is […]

#SkinTalkAfrica With Super Eloquent Venture Capitalist, Binja the African Cocktail

We are honored to have a growing list of African women and men (via Man-Alogue) who have supported us by continuously sharing with us about their inspirational lives. As an organic skincare company based in Africa, we believe that beauty is what comes out from inside you. This is why we share deep and inspirational messages […]

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