Should Women Use Aftershave?

Read through this great article written by Oxenholm.

As much as I love having smooth legs, the struggle to get there can sometimes make the shave not even worth it. When I shave often my skin is starts to get sensitive and irritated. Those little red bumps in your pits, bikini line, and legs? Yeah, not so cute. 

Unfortunately, a regular lotion just doesn’t do it for me and my sensitive skin. To my surprise, the only thing that helps my razor bumps and irritation is a good aftershave. And you might be thinking: Isn’t aftershave for men? That’s what I thought, too. But even though most aftershaves are marketed towards men, don’t let that stop you from having clear, soft, bump-free skin. After I gave it a shot, my skin finally feels ready for summer.

To get my smooth summer skin I turned to Lheritier’s 10-20 Chamomile Calm Aftershave. It’s filled with antiseptic ingredients designed to heal and prevent the formation of any razor bumps or ingrown hairs. The soothing aftershave is infused with ingredients like green tea and geranium to fight blemishes and dark spots that can come with shaving. Chamomile calms the inflamed skin while coconut gently moisturizes. 

Apply 10-20 as a moisturizer after shaving and you’ll never have razor burn again.

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