Lheritier Facial Radiance Five Piece Set


In this repair kit you will get these 3 items:

  • Rosehip oil which: brightens the skin; removes blemishes; reinvigorates the skin; reverses signs of aging; and heals an inflammed skin.
  • Maracuja: makes the skin milky and supple; removes acne; heals stressed skins; removes wrinkles; imparts deep moisture..and more.
  • Neroli Face Moisturizer: a comprehensive face moisturizer which also has green tea extract, cucumber stem cells, chamomile extract, and immortelle.
  • Shea regeneration scrub: it removes dead-skin; reveals new skin; removes pimples; heals scar tissues; and more.
  • Rosehip Cucumber Cleanser: gently cleanses the skin; also has apricot; maracuja; and green-tea extract.

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